Week Four of 30 Day Real Black History Challenge 2015

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Week Four of 30 Day Real Black History Challenge 2015

Digest for week four of the 30 day Real Black History Challenge. This week is a little longer than the other ones because it includes two extra days of the challenge…. to make way for the encore. So this week’s digest includes 9 days of really fantastic information, from slavery to some incredible music. Make sure to listen to the song that Jay Cole wrote after Michael Brown’s murder in Ferguson, called “Be Free”. So many powerful moments in this week. So much to digest and think through.

With the South Carolina murders that happened in the AME, the funeral of the Senator Rev. Pinckney’s funeral, the burning of Black churches in the south…. this week captures some of the most recent moments of the trauma of Blackness in the current age, and contrasts that with historical examples of the same.

After this week’s digest… stay tuned for the encore/finale that was a 24 hour timeframe with about 50 links, resources, quotes, images and studies about our history and our present.


June 18th: 

When we deny the reality of racism, we deny the opportunity to change it. When we ignore the damage of racism, we deprive us of the chance to heal it. When we deny the harm of racism, we allow it to stay in place for our children. We all get to choose…..#30DayRBHC

Amazing, Brilliant…. emotional….. REAL.

“I am equal parts sick of your “go back to Africa” as I am “I just don’t see races”. Neither did the poplar tree. We did not build your boats, but we did leave a trail of kins to guide us home. We did not build your prisons… though we did, and we filled them too. We did not ask to be a part of your America, though are we not America? …. her bones brittle and dragging her ripped gown through Oakland. I will not stand your ground… I am sick of calling this recklessness the law.”

“Education either functions as an instrument which is used to facilitate integration of the younger generation into the logic of the present system and bring about conformity or it becomes the practice of freedom, the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world.”

― Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

“All we wanna do is take the chains off. All we wanna do is break the chains off”…… one of the most emotional and profound songs written as a result of the most recent pain of our community. As he says so clearly on his twitter page… Please “STOP FUCKIN KILLING US”.


Very good piece addressing one of the most frustrating and deceptive elements of racist culture… changing the subject and focus of what is happening when it comes to Black people. We see this all the time…. and it is how we get to discussions about “all lives matter” and “black on black crime”. It is a part of the deception and conditioning of how we deal with cognitive dissonance in our culture.

“The politics of respectability are, at their root, the politics of changing the subject—the last resort for those who can not bear the agony of looking their country in the eye. The policy of America has been, for most of its history, white supremacy. The high rates of violence in black neighborhoods do not exist outside of these facts—they evidence them.”#30DayRBHC


In preparation for Juneteenth tomorrow, and in the wake of one of the saddest tragedies to date, those of us who have breath are celebrating that today. Not all of us get to enjoy or live the freedom that we fight for… but Black people are always working to live their life like its “golden”.

#30DayRBHC http://ow.ly/OuONu

Tonight we want to send our prayers and thoughts to those killed and the families hurting in Charleston and everywhere tonight. Racism continues to take away the lives of Black people….. and tonight the people of Charleston need our prayers and thoughts. #30DayRBHC


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P. Sufenas Virius Lupus

July 4, 2015at 9:35 am

Amazing, important, heart-breaking, fascinating, moving, and dismaying…and therefore essential work, Crystal. Thank you so much for doing this!

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