Year Four Opening Thoughts – 30 Day Real Black History Challenge

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Year Four Opening Thoughts – 30 Day Real Black History Challenge

The legacies of Black people in America have often hung in the balance between survival, environment and determination to thrive. This is not new and our circumstances have continued to be entangled in the systemic injustices created by systems of white supremacy, cultural intolerance, fear and power. The struggle continues into the 21st century and there are only small glimpses of success in terms of breaking the system that continues a legacy of disproportionate mass incarceration, police brutality, poverty, joblessness, homelessness, health and educational disparities in this country for Black people. So what now? How long do we fight? What is the impact of a historic lineage of oppression on our people? How do we heal our ancestors and how do we heal our children?

It is my belief that changing the trajectory of Black people’s opportunity to heal and thrive depends largely on the level of conversation, the quality of actions, the amount of awakening and our ability to mobilize for change.

This year’s 30 Day Real Black History Challenge is just that. It is another chance for us to decolonize our minds, our thoughts and our actions. It is another chance for us to focus on changing the trajectory and quality of our share with each other so that we can mobilize one another for the liberation of Black and Brown people in this country and within the world. I do not think any one website or conversation will change the world but each person has the ability to mobilize a movement. Collective accountability can move mountains.

Giving voice and creating space for the revolutionary voices and unspoken histories of our Black peoples gives us a chance to evaluate the future of our communities of color.

The 2016 30-Day Real Black History Challenge will have some more additions to it than previous years. I hope to incorporate some original pieces from other Black community members, some original interviews, and personal experiences. I hope to diversify some of the voices that come out of the challenge this year, and if I am successful that would mean some personal experiences and maybe original pieces from other people.

What can you expect from the challenge this year?

  • 3-5 Posts a day posted on the facebook and twitter accounts.
  • Posts will include research studies, pieces and perspectives from other Black people, articles that provoke thought about the Black experience, reflections of culture and Blackness, empowering photos and articles about the amazingness of my people, music and other arts that exemplify aspects of Black culture, snapshots of history, information and research on figures within Black history…..
  • Many moments of honor and reflection on the Black Panther Party because I have studied their work since my teenage years and it is the 50th Anniversary of the Black Panther Party for Self Defense.
  • Personal experiences of being Black in America, racism, systemic injustice, fears and love of my culture.
  • Lots of commentary and processing about the pieces we are reading collectively.
  • Weekly digests of posts on the website.

Tips for participating in this year’s challenge:

  • The 30 Day RBHC has several ways to get updates and information. It has it’s own twitter and facebook page, as well as it’s own website. You are welcome to participate in discussions on these pages, or on my own facebook pages if you are already connected to them.
  • Come with an open heart, ready to listen, open to participate and be a part of an unfolding dialogue about some of the most challenging pieces of our history and Black legacies.
  • Digests for every week will be posted on the website and circulated on Facebook.
  • Share posts and links to your own social media outlets and host conversations about the challenge.
  • Feel free to message or email links and information to the challenge if you feel it is something that the challenge might want to post.

Welcome to the 4th year of the 30-Day Real Black History Challenge!!!! Now let’s get to work……

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